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Distek, Inc. Releases the LabEye Digital Video System

LabEye LogoNorth Brunswick, NJ – Distek, Inc., an industry leader in pharmaceutical laboratory testing instruments, accessories and validation services, is excited to release the LabEye Digital Video System for Dissolution testing monitoring and recording.

The LabEye Digital Video System, engineered by TwoSquare Science streamlines pharmaceutical testing in both R&D and Quality environments. Designed specifically for laboratory use, the LabEye is a ready-to-implement multi-camera system. Both portable and scalable, the LabEye performs visual process monitoring, chronicles your research in HD clarity, keeps your lab secure, and provides automation troubleshooting.

Jeff Seely, Vice President of Sales & Business Development says “The LabEye system is the result of a collaborative effort between Distek, TwoSquare Science and industry leaders. The resulting system is a welcome and needed addition to any laboratory requiring process control and monitoring.”

symphony 7100 with LabEye

symphony 7100 “Bathless” Dissolution equipped with the LabEye Digital Video System

Take the stress out of research and add productive time to your day. The LabEye provides scientists more free time while continuing to capture extremely important visual data. Optimize your time with remote viewing and continuous video recording capability.

For additional information on this or any of Distek’s industry leading products and services contact Distek’s Corporate Office at +1 732 422 7585, by email at info@distekinc.com or visit http://www.distekinc.com.


Distek, Inc., headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ, is a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory test equipment, specializing in dissolution products and services. Distek also provides solutions for UV fiber optics, media preparation, physical testing, disintegration, and validation services.

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