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Resetting the Thermal Safety Switch / Priming the TCS Pump

REASON:  The circulator is not turning on due to thermal switch reset. This occurs when the TCS pump is not primed properly.

PRE-REQUISITE:  Service Engineer or person performing this service must have proper training in servicing the instrument.


Step 1.  Turn off the TCS and unplug from the AC outlet prior to resetting the thermal switch.

NotesMake sure that the TCS has had time to cool down prior to resetting the thermal safety switch. This can take up to 10 to 20 minutes.

Step 2.  On the back of the TCS there is a small access hole where the thermal safety switch is located (As shown below). Using a non-metallic tool or the end of a pen or pencil, reset the thermal safety switch by depressing the button. You should feel or hear a click indicating that the switch has been reset.

Thermal Safety Reset

Step 3.  Once the thermal safety switch has been reset, make sure the TCS has been properly primed or the thermal safety switch will trip again. Please see Priming the TCS Pump steps below. Turn on the unit and enable the heater.

NotesInformation about resetting the thermal safety switch can be found on page 3-14 in the 2100C Operation Manual.

NotesInformation about priming the pump can be found on page 2-6 in the 2100C Operation Manual and on page 2-8 of the EVO 6300 Operation Manual.


Step 1.  Attach a 24 inches (61 cm) long x ½ inch (13mm) ID drain tubing to drain valve.

Step 2.  Raise the drain tubing to vertical position as shown. Drain valve should be tilted up.

To Prime Pump (TCS-0200C)

Step 3.  Cover the end of the tubing with your thumb and open the drain valve. Slowly lower the tubing while slowly opening the end of the tubing allowing water to fill up as much of the tubing. Once filled, close again the end of the tubing with your thumb and raise the tubing. Uncover the end of tubing to force water in to the pump inlet. Perform this step at least two to three times. Turn on the TCS circulator and observe that air has been purged from the pump indicating that the pump was primed correctly. If it does not, repeat step 2 and 3 until all the air is purged from the pump.

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TCS 0200C Thermocirculator

Procedure for priming your TCS 0200C Thermocirculator.  Failure to properly prime the TCS will result in damage to the heater and/or pump.

1. Fill bath midway between the top of the bath inlet fitting and the lower outlet fitting, (dotted line in figure 2).

2. Attach a 3ft (1m) long x 5/8″ (16mm) ID drain tubing to drain valve.

3. Raise drain tubing to the vertical position (figure 1).  The drain valve should be tilted up.

4. Open the drain valve to allow pump inlet tubing to fill with water for 5-10 seconds.

5. Slowly lower drain tubing to allow the tubing to fill with water (figure 2).  Fill the tubing with as much water as possible.

6. Close the drain valve.

7. Lift drain tubing vertically and open the drain valve allowing the water to flow through the pump. Water should be observed exiting the TCS through the bath water inlet tubing and port.

8. Repeat steps 4-7 as necessary.

9. Close the drain valve.

10. Remove and empty the priming tubing from the drain valve.

11. Turn on the TCS power.

12. If water does not immediately begin to circulate turn off the TCS power and repeat the priming procedure.

Figure 1

Figure 2

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