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Dip Probe vs. Arch Probe

The Distek Opt-Diss 405 fiber-optic UV spectrophotometer utilizes the patented Arch probes in order to acquire absorbance-data in-situ.  Other fiber-optic systems use a different style probe called dip probes.  The Distek Arch probes have several advantages over the dip probes, thereby ensuring better results for in-situ UV analysis:

1) With a dip probe, the UV light has to reflect through a horizontally placed prism in order to be retransmitted back to the detector.  These horizontal surfaces allow either particulate matter to collect on the bottom surface of the prism, or air bubbles to be trapped underneath the top surface (shown above). 

2) The profile of an Arch probe is smaller and thinner than a dip probe, so there are less hydrodynamic effects from the Arch probe as it resides in the vessel.

3) The Arch probe has a wide-range of pathlengths, from 0.25mm to 10mm.  The shortest pathlength that a dip probe can be made in is 1mm.

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Drawer Organizer

Serialized dissolution accessories have quickly become the industry standard.  The importance of tracking each accessory, to ensure repeated installation into the same position on the same dissolution unit, cannot be understated.  To better control and track this process within your laboratory, Distek has designed a custom drawer organizer for Apparatus 1 & 2 accessories.

The drawer organizer has individual compartments for compliant baskets, basket adapters and paddle blades.  Each item can be grouped by position number (1-8) with a location for individual labels to record each accessory’s unique serial number. Each organizer can also be labeled according to the serial or asset number of the dissolution unit associated with the accessories.

To better organize your serialized accessories, request a quote by contacting your account manager or visit our online parts store!

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Agitation Basket

Orally disintegrating dosages, or immediate disintegrating dosages, need to undergo USP disintegration testing. These products often cause difficult because of how rapidly they dissolve.  

All disintegrators require the media to be agitated during the pre-heating phase of a test. This is to ensure the media in the disintegration beaker is equilibrated and evenly distributed throughout the beaker. The agitation is generally performed using the disintegration basket. This causes problems when using an orally or quickly disintegrating product, because the moment the product comes in contact with the wet disintegration basket, it begins to dissolve. This in turn affects the disintegration results.

To avoid these problems, Distek recommends the use of an agitation only disintegration basket (fig. A). By using an agitation basket during the pre-heating phase of your disintegration test, accelerated media heating can be obtained allowing the dosage to be placed into a dry USP disintegration basket while the disintegrator is pre-heating.  In doing so, one can effectively conform to USP disintegration recommendations as noted in Chapters, 701 and 2040.

Upon completion of the media pre-heating, the wet agitation basket can be replaced with disintegration testing basket (fig. B) which contains your actual dosage form.

Figure A

Figure B

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Embedded Temperature Sensor in Stirring Shaft

The embedded temperature sensor inside each of the hollow stirring shafts allow the EVOLUTION Series to continuously control, monitor, and record the temperatures of each individual vessel throughout the entire Dissolution test. Located inside and at the bottom most position of the shaft (red arrow below), the temperature sensors are able to continuously monitor the temperature of the media. Without the use of an external thermometer it eliminates any associated hydrodynamic effects.  The EVO 6100 and EVO 6300 are the only dissolution systems on the market with this capability.

The shafts of the EVO 6100 and EVO 6300 are designed for 100% assurance that the medium temperature is maintained throughout the entire test.  Also, it eliminates the need to remove the shaft when changing between apparatus 1 (baskets) and apparatus 2 (paddles) thanks to the use of detachable stirring elements and the height adjustment block.

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Vessel Covers

Easy Basket Access 

– Distek offers two types of vessel covers (pictured below).

– Easy Basket Access for Apparatus 1 indicated in Ex. A by the red arrow.  Notice the large center hole for easy insertion and removal of the basket without the need to remove the vessel cover.

– Small center hole, ideal when only Apparatus 2 is being used on the system indicated in Ex. B. 

Precise Sampling Probe Positioning

– Distek vessel covers place the sampling probes at the precise sampling height as per USP, BP, EP and JP standards, the midpoint between the top of the stirring element and the top of the media. 

Automatic Height Adjustment

– When using baskets place the sampling probe into the holes indicated by the green arrow.

– When using paddles place the sampling probe into the holes indicated by the blue arrows.

– The second hole, indicated with a blue arrow can be used with an optional probe.   

Media Evaporation Loss Prevention

– Distek’s hinged and gapless vessel cover minimizes evaporation.



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