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Model 3100 – Multiple Programs

The Distek Model 3100 series bathless disintegration system is unique in that the modularity of the system allows users to run separate methods on each individual beaker position. A method on the Model 3100 series disintegration system consists of a temperature setting for the disintegration media (ex. 37°C) and a time component to reciprocate the disintegration basket in and out of the disintegration media (ex. 30 minutes).

If you have a 2-position 3102, you can run up to two separate methods at the same time on the two beaker positions; if you have a 4-position 3104, you could run up to 4 separate methods at once; and if you have a 6-position 3106, you can run up to 6 different methods.


Using the 3102 as an example, one method on the first beaker position could consist of a temperature setting of 37°C, and a time setting of 10 minutes; while the second method on the second beaker position could have a temperature setting of 32°C, and a time of 30 minutes.

Here’s how to program the individual basket positions with different methods:

3100 Panel

  1. Scroll to the desired beaker position using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys.
  2. To set beaker temperature press the PRGM button. The temperature set point will flash.
  3. Raise or lower the set temperature using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys.
  4. Press the TIME button.
  5. Raise or lower the test time using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys.
  6. Press ENTER to accept the values.
  7. Repeat procedure to programming the other beaker positions.

In order to begin your different methods and start the pre-heating stage, you can then:

  1. Scroll to the desired beaker position using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys, and activate by pressing the ENABLE/DISABLE button. Observe the ENABLE LED illuminate next to the station number on the display.
  2. Repeat for all beaker positions to be run.
  3. To begin preheating an individual beaker, select the station number using the UP or DOWN ARROW keys, and press START.
  4. To begin preheating all enabled beakers at the same time, press START ALL.

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