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The Best Bath…Isn’t One at All

Introducing the Model 2500 Select – Bathless Dissolution Tester!

The patented bathless technology eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance while heater jackets raise media temperature from ambient to 37°C in less than 15 minutes. Wireless in-shaft temperature sensors continuously monitor and display the in-vessel temperature for each vessel.  A brilliant touch screen and unparalleled command of the instrument with electronic tracking of serialized stirring elements, qualification status and due dates and extensive reporting and method storage capabilities make this a robust and reliable system.

    Eliminates the water bath and all associated maintenance while heater jackets raise media temperatures from ambient to 37°C in less than 15 minutes with a high temperature capability of up to 99°C
    Patent Pending wireless temperature sensors continuously monitor, control and display the in-vessel temperature for each vessel
    Enter and track all serialized components

“The Model 2500 Select bathless system is a perfect addition to our extensive portfolio of dissolution solutions. The Model 2500 Select is ideally positioned for our global customers looking for a simplified bathless option,” says Jeff Seely, Distek’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development.

Click HERE to learn more about the Model 2500 Select bathless dissolution tester, contact Distek’s Corporate Office at +1 732 422 7585, by email at or visit

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Distek, Inc. Releases Wireless In-Shaft Temperature Control and Monitoring for Model 2500 Dissolution Instrument

North Brunswick, NJ – Distek, Inc., an industry leader in pharmaceutical laboratory testing instruments, accessories and validation services, is excited to release an “optional” wireless in-shaft temperature control for the Model 2500 dissolution instrument.

The “patent pending” wireless in-shaft temperature sensors offer continuous vessel temperature control and monitoring from within the vessel without the need of an additional wired temperature probe and raising and lowering manifold.


“The innovative use of our patent pending wireless temperature sensor technology further enhances the Model 2500, returning much needed time and labor savings back to the dissolution laboratory”, says Jeff Seely, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Distek, Inc.

For additional information contact Distek’s Corporate Office at +1 732 422 7585, by email at or visit

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Model 2500 TCS-0500 Scheduler

The Model 2500 dissolution system, can schedule the TCS-0500 to automatically turn itself on and off. This function saves on electricity and reduces start-up time. For example, if the Model 2500 is typically not used after 6:00 PM (18:00) every day, the end user can program the TCS to turn off at a defined time after 6:00 PM (18:00) and then turn back on in the morning before the chemists arrive for work.

Model 2500

In order to program the TCS Scheduler: (See Figures Below)

  1. Choose the Settings tab
  2. Choose TCS Schedule
  3. Choose Weekdays, Everyday or OffOff disables this feature.  Everyday runs this feature through the entire week.  Weekdays will run the feature on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.
  4. Enter the Wake Up Time (On), Sleep Time (Off), and the temperature desired when the unit wakes up.
  5. Press Save to accept the settings.
  6. If user hits Back, it will take the user to the previous screen without retaining the settings; and Pump Off will turn off the TCS.

General Settings

TCS Schedule

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Connecting a Distek dissolution system to the Evolution 4300

When connecting a Distek dissolution system to the Evolution 4300 syringe-pump dissolution autosampler, you will need to connect an RS-485 cable between the two systems to allow for electronic control of the dissolution unit from the autosampler.

Depending on the type of dissolution system that is being utilized with the Evolution 4300 autosampler, the specific RS-485 cable needed will be different (the connecting ends are different).

If you have our new symphony 7100 or Model 2500, you will need part number 2700-0162 (RS-485 Cable for 4300 Sampler to 7100 and 2500).

If you are using an Evolution 6100, Evolution 6300 or 2100C, you will need part number 2400-0004 (RS-485 Cable for 4300 Sampler to 2100C, 6100, and 6300).

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CE, ETL, and FCC Certifications

We are pleased to announce the successful CE, ETL, and FCC certifications of the symphony 7100, Model 2500, and TCS-0500 thermocirculator.  These certifications, an industry standard, guarantee consumers that the product conforms to essential requirements of performance and safety.

Distek also received the CE and FCC certification on the new Dosage Delivery System (DDS).

The CE certification confirms the product meets essential requirements to be sold on the open market in Europe.  The FCC certification is comparable to the CE certification but is applicable on products sold in the United States.  The ETL mark certifies a product conforms to electrical product safety standards.

“Each of Distek’s instruments are designed, developed, and manufactured to meet all necessary industry standards,” says Jeff Brinker, Vice President – Engineering, Distek, Inc.  “These certifications are a testament to the success of our process and products.”

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User Access Levels

In an effort to increase a laboratories control over dissolution system user privileges, Distek has incorporated three user access levels on the Symphony 7100 and Model 2500. Each access level differs in the actions users are allowed to execute and are detailed below.

Permissions for Manager, Advance User and User Level:

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Model 2500 Water Bath Dissolution System

Distek, Inc. is pleased to introduce their latest dissolution instrument, the Model 2500.  A descendent of the trusted 2100 Series, the Model 2500 offers a robust collection of system and user interface upgrades.

The Model 2500 Dissolution Test System offers ultimate flexibility and configurability while maintaining the reliability and ease of use that laboratories around the world have come to expect from the preceding four-generations.

New features include: a self-priming thermocirculator, wake up and sleep modes, integrated control of the optional Dosage Delivery System (DDS), USB printing, electronic qualification tracking and alerts, and an extensive list of user interface advancements intuitively accessed through the color touch screen display.

Distek has coupled these innovations with the core features of RPM and bath temperature monitoring, a seamless molded water bath, manual and automated methods, a smooth non-motorized drive head lift, and test volume flexibility (100 ml to 4 L).

“The Model 2500 is the culmination of combining technological innovation with tradition,” says Jeff Seely, Global Manager – Sales, Marketing & Technical Service, Distek, Inc.  “The hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and universities around the world that have purchased  a 2100 Series over the past three decades can upgrade to the Model 2500 with the confidence of a trusted brand.”

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