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ezfill 4500 Surfactant Mode

The Distek ezfill 4500 is a compact, transportable, easy-to-use and surfactant capable media preparation station.  Now dissolution media containing up to 2% surfactants can be degassed.  The ezfill is equipped with a surfactant mode, SLS, which greatly reduces foaming issues seen in other media preparation systems.

When degassing surfactant based dissolution media, many laboratories add surfactants after the media has been degassed.  Stirring surfactant into the media after degassing reintroduces gas back into the media.

SLS mode can be activated in advanced setup mode:

1) Simultaneously push the SETUP and UP arrow keys (pictured below).*

2) Press and hold the SETUP key until one of the following messages flashes: SLS ON or SLS OFF.

3) If necessary, use the UP or DOWN arrow key to switch to SLS ON.

4) Hold the SETUP key for 3 seconds to exit advanced setup mode.

 *Do not hold the SETUP and DOWN arrow keys simultaneously.

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