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Distek, Inc. Releases Next Generation Sample Probe and Filter for Manual and Semi-Automated Sampling

North Brunswick, NJ – Distek, Inc., a leading manufacturer of pharmaceutical laboratory testing instruments, accessories and validation services, announced today the release of their next generation sample probe and filter as the preferred product for manual and semi-automated sampling.

Sample Probe (Front View)

The two piece sample probe design features a twist n’ lock probe housing offering superior probe integrity for routine and increased sampling pressures. In addition, the probe provides visual confirmation that the probes filter housing is properly secured.

The new Distek filters, available in 10 and 45 micron sizes, are designed with a larger filter surface area, providing improved media flow and filtering capabilities.

Sample Probe (Two Piece with 10 Micron Filter)

To learn more about the new sample probe & filter, or to place an order, contact Distek Customer Service at 1.732.422.7585, email at or visit

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Evolution 4300 Cleaning Procedure

Proper and regular maintenance of the Evolution 4300 dissolution sampler is necessary to maintain proper performance and to maximize uptime. In this edition of Disteknique, we will detail the required cleaning of the system (especially after usage of surfactant-based media).

Evolution 4300

The EVO 4300 has a built-in cleaning function – System Wash. This function processes 20mL of wash solution through each channel, into the recycle bin, and then expelled via the replacement lines. Following up this action with an EMPTY action, will force air through the lines to remove any residual cleaning solution.

A very simple cleaning procedure can be accomplished as follows (and this can be executed through the QUICK ACTION COMMANDS):

  1. Remove any and all filters, filter adapters, etc. from the sample probes on the side of the pump to be cleaned (A, B, or both).
  2. Place the sample probes into DI Water (41° C recommended) – make sure to have at least 1L of cleaning solution per probe (i.e. a 6-channel system would require 20mL of wash media).
  3. Place the replacement lines into a waste receptacle.
  4. Execute a SYSTEM WASH
  5. For more difficult or “sticky” products 10% methanol or 10% isopropanol and DI water solution can be used. Place the sample probes into a beaker of the organic solution, and execute a SYSTEM WASH
  6. Repeat steps 2-3 three additional times with DI water to remove any left-over organic solvent or surfactant media.
  7. Execute an EMPTY to clear any residual cleaning solution from the lines.
  8. Remove the sample probes from the beaker, and let air dry.

Cleaning the EVO 4300 is a simple process that if performed regularly and frequently will help to ensure proper functioning of the system.

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Connecting a Distek dissolution system to the Evolution 4300

When connecting a Distek dissolution system to the Evolution 4300 syringe-pump dissolution autosampler, you will need to connect an RS-485 cable between the two systems to allow for electronic control of the dissolution unit from the autosampler.

Depending on the type of dissolution system that is being utilized with the Evolution 4300 autosampler, the specific RS-485 cable needed will be different (the connecting ends are different).

If you have our new symphony 7100 or Model 2500, you will need part number 2700-0162 (RS-485 Cable for 4300 Sampler to 7100 and 2500).

If you are using an Evolution 6100, Evolution 6300 or 2100C, you will need part number 2400-0004 (RS-485 Cable for 4300 Sampler to 2100C, 6100, and 6300).

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Cipher Software

Cipher instrument control software is a Windows based application designed and developed by Distek to remotely access and control our dissolution equipment.*

 Cipher can be installed locally or networked providing full access to any Distek dissolution bath and autosampler from any appropriately connected PC running the application. Cipher allows the user to create and run methods, monitor instrument status, generate reports, and control users and manager logins.  Cipher also offers the flexibility to set the level of security appropriate for your laboratory.  When enabling all the security features and combined with the appropriate internally developed policies, Cipher will meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance.

 * Cipher currently controls the Model 2100C, EVO 6100, 6300, and 4300

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