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Distek’s Certified Pre-Owned Instrument Program | New Low Price. Same Great Quality!

Purchase Pre-Owned Equipment with Confidence!

confidence-road-signWhy select Distek’s Certified Pre-Owned Instruments…unlike used instrument dealers, who often sell their equipment “as is” and have no access to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and accessories; Certified Pre-Owned instruments from Distek offer customers the confidence of knowing their pre-owned equipment has passed Distek’s rigorous testing and quality control requirements. These refurbished and re-certified instruments meet Distek’s current performance standards, a guarantee which is unmatched in the pre-owned market.

And now, for a limited time only, Distek Certified Pre-Owned instruments are priced at an average of 15% – 25% below the market value with No Hidden Costs!

Every unit we sell comes with a comprehensive 1 year Distek warranty!

Distek’s Certified Pre-Owned Program guarantees every customer a fully functional and certified “turnkey” instrument out-of-the-box. With equipment priced to sell, Distek’s Certified Pre-Owned Program should be the first choice of every customer in the market for pre-owned Distek equipment.


Distek’s Multi-Point Inspection

An experienced and certified Distek service professional has inspected all aspects of the instrument including but not limited to: (inspection points are model specific)


Drive Motor


 Bath Integrity  Belt Tension  Coil Cord Assembly
 Clamps  Couplings  Display Brightness
 Dispensing  Cover  Firmware
 Fittings  Drive Plate Brake  Fuse Rating
 Gas Spring  Drive Plate Hardware  Ground Cable
 O-Rings  Housing  Heating Elements
 Pinch Valves  Motor Functionality  Heating Jackets
 Spindle Couplings  Motor Positioning  Speed Control Module
 and Much More…  Posts  Wire Connections

Visit our Certified Pre-Owned Webpage for a Complete Multi-Point Inspection List!


Distek’s Stands Behind Every Product We Sell!

reliable-roadsign“With a segment of the dissolution market seeking our used  Distek Instruments, we feel it is a good opportunity to offer a reliable option to customers lacking the capital to purchase new instruments,” says Jeff Seely, Vice President of Sales & Business Development, Distek, Inc.

“Customers in the market for pre-owned instruments will have the confidence in knowing that Distek stands behind every product we sell.”

Each re-manufactured and re-certified instrument includes:

  • Multi-Point Inspection
  • Original Distek Parts
  • Performance Guarantee
  • Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty

Visit the Distek Certified Pre-Owned Web Page to see our complete inventory which includes:

  • Water Bath Dissolution Instruments
  • Bathless Dissolution Instruments
  • Autosamplers
  • Media Degassing, Dispensing & Disposal Equipment
  • Vessel Washers
  • Bathless Disintegration Instruments

With frequent inventory updates, make sure you don’t miss the next great deal by visiting the Distek Certified Pre-Owned Web Page regularly.

For more information on purchasing your next pre-owned instrument with confidence, please contact us at


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Distek’s Universal Flexible Vessel Cover

Distek’s flexible vessel covers are not only chemically resistant and physically durable, but the dual sided universal vessel cover fits all vessels that are dimensionally similar to Distek vessels when the “Distek” side is facing upwards. In addition, Distek Flexible Vessel Covers also fit vessels with smaller ID openings when the “Other” side is facing up.

The universal flexible vessel covers are also designed and labeled for use with Distek sampling probes.

The covers are available in two configurations; a small center hole for paddles only application, and a larger hole with center cap for easy basket access.



For More Information or a Free Quote, Please Complete this Form!

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