Model 2500 vs. 2100C

Model 2500

During a recent Model 2500 presentation we were asked the following:


“Besides the discontinuation of the 2100C, what additional justification would you recommend for us in replacing a 2100C with the new 2500?”


 Added Control and Compliance

  • The Audit Trail records the last 50 changes made to a method, should an investigation occur.
  • Three user access levels limit user abilities and permissions.
  • The 100 most recent test reports are saved, allowing them to be reviewed at a later date if necessary.

 Additional Time-Savings

  • The ability to store methods allows users to quickly select an entered method and run it without re-entering parameters.
  • TCS wake timer allows the bath to be pre-heated and ready for use prior to arrival of laboratory staff.

 Ease of Use

  • Intuitive touch-screen interface simplifies entry of key parameters (RPM/Temperature/Time) from one screen.
  • Firmware updates can be easily emailed or downloaded from the internet to a USB Key eliminating the replacement of firmware chips.

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