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Model 2500 vs. 2100C

Model 2500

During a recent Model 2500 presentation we were asked the following:


“Besides the discontinuation of the 2100C, what additional justification would you recommend for us in replacing a 2100C with the new 2500?”


 Added Control and Compliance

  • The Audit Trail records the last 50 changes made to a method, should an investigation occur.
  • Three user access levels limit user abilities and permissions.
  • The 100 most recent test reports are saved, allowing them to be reviewed at a later date if necessary.

 Additional Time-Savings

  • The ability to store methods allows users to quickly select an entered method and run it without re-entering parameters.
  • TCS wake timer allows the bath to be pre-heated and ready for use prior to arrival of laboratory staff.

 Ease of Use

  • Intuitive touch-screen interface simplifies entry of key parameters (RPM/Temperature/Time) from one screen.
  • Firmware updates can be easily emailed or downloaded from the internet to a USB Key eliminating the replacement of firmware chips.

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CE, ETL, and FCC Certifications

We are pleased to announce the successful CE, ETL, and FCC certifications of the symphony 7100, Model 2500, and TCS-0500 thermocirculator.  These certifications, an industry standard, guarantee consumers that the product conforms to essential requirements of performance and safety.

Distek also received the CE and FCC certification on the new Dosage Delivery System (DDS).

The CE certification confirms the product meets essential requirements to be sold on the open market in Europe.  The FCC certification is comparable to the CE certification but is applicable on products sold in the United States.  The ETL mark certifies a product conforms to electrical product safety standards.

“Each of Distek’s instruments are designed, developed, and manufactured to meet all necessary industry standards,” says Jeff Brinker, Vice President – Engineering, Distek, Inc.  “These certifications are a testament to the success of our process and products.”

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Happy New Year!

Does your laboratory have a New Year’s resolution?  If so, share it with us!

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