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User Access Levels

In an effort to increase a laboratories control over dissolution system user privileges, Distek has incorporated three user access levels on the Symphony 7100 and Model 2500. Each access level differs in the actions users are allowed to execute and are detailed below.

Permissions for Manager, Advance User and User Level:

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Dosage Delivery System (DDS)

The Dosage Delivery System (DDS) by Distek can simultaneously or stagger the introduction of dosage forms at a defined temperature or specified date and time.  Unattended dosage delivery saves analysts valuable time and ensures dosage introduction consistency between analysts.

Control of the electromagnetically actuated delivery system is integrated through the user interface of Distek’s Symphony 7100, Model 2500, and Evolution 6100/6300.  If preferred, the system can also be manually triggered and is compatible with older Distek models as well as non-Distek dissolution systems.

“Precise dosage introduction is an essential component of any successful dissolution test.,” says Jeff Seely, Global Manager – Sales, Marketing & Technical Service, Distek, Inc.  “The Dosage Delivery System by Distek eliminates all variables associated with traditional manual dosage introduction.”

For further information on this or any of Distek’s industry leading dissolution products and validation services contact your local representative, Distek’s Headquarters at T:+1 732 422 7585, E: or visit

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Model 2500 Water Bath Dissolution System

Distek, Inc. is pleased to introduce their latest dissolution instrument, the Model 2500.  A descendent of the trusted 2100 Series, the Model 2500 offers a robust collection of system and user interface upgrades.

The Model 2500 Dissolution Test System offers ultimate flexibility and configurability while maintaining the reliability and ease of use that laboratories around the world have come to expect from the preceding four-generations.

New features include: a self-priming thermocirculator, wake up and sleep modes, integrated control of the optional Dosage Delivery System (DDS), USB printing, electronic qualification tracking and alerts, and an extensive list of user interface advancements intuitively accessed through the color touch screen display.

Distek has coupled these innovations with the core features of RPM and bath temperature monitoring, a seamless molded water bath, manual and automated methods, a smooth non-motorized drive head lift, and test volume flexibility (100 ml to 4 L).

“The Model 2500 is the culmination of combining technological innovation with tradition,” says Jeff Seely, Global Manager – Sales, Marketing & Technical Service, Distek, Inc.  “The hundreds of pharmaceutical companies and universities around the world that have purchased  a 2100 Series over the past three decades can upgrade to the Model 2500 with the confidence of a trusted brand.”

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