Embedded Temperature Sensor in Stirring Shaft

The embedded temperature sensor inside each of the hollow stirring shafts allow the EVOLUTION Series to continuously control, monitor, and record the temperatures of each individual vessel throughout the entire Dissolution test. Located inside and at the bottom most position of the shaft (red arrow below), the temperature sensors are able to continuously monitor the temperature of the media. Without the use of an external thermometer it eliminates any associated hydrodynamic effects.  The EVO 6100 and EVO 6300 are the only dissolution systems on the market with this capability.

The shafts of the EVO 6100 and EVO 6300 are designed for 100% assurance that the medium temperature is maintained throughout the entire test.  Also, it eliminates the need to remove the shaft when changing between apparatus 1 (baskets) and apparatus 2 (paddles) thanks to the use of detachable stirring elements and the height adjustment block.

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